ToastNotify – Elegant & Minimal Notifications Toast for ASP.NET Core Applications.

Toast Notify is an Elegant & Minimal Toast Notification Package for ASP.NET Core Web Applications that can be invoked via C#. Compatible with ASP.NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5. It supports various modes like Success, Warning, Error, Information, and Custom where you can completely customize the look & feel of the toast notification.

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Welcome to my blog where I write articles, tutorials and in-depth beginner’s guides on ASP.NET Core and related tech stacks. 

The idea is to help developers with clean and in-depth articles / tutorials alongwith fully functional source code that are available as Github Repositories. With every article, you will be seeing a linked Github Repository, full tested. You can learn more about codewithmukesh here. 

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I write mostly on .NET Core / ASP.NET Core and various best practices and trending libraries. I make sure that I generate some in-depth practical guides for you to grasp the concepts in a better way. GitHub Repository links for each article/guide are also attached at the bottom of every post so that you guys can get along with the articles. Happy Coding 😀

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