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So, this is just a small report / documentation to track the growth of I would like to be very transparent with what happens in and around the blog. I would document various paramters of the blog month-wise. This includes Income & Expense, Traffic stats, Followers on social media, Subscriber count, Plans for the next month and so on.

May & June 2020

I started this blog on May 12, 2020, with near-to-no knowledge about blogging. My first report will be for May 12 – June 30, 2020. I started off with the aim to write at least 15 good length articles and to attain at least 1000 visitors. I chose 1000 because few of the bloggers I knew in this space ( relatively new programming bloggers ) were getting around 2-4k visitors on an average. So here is how many views my blog got in the past 45 days.

visitors june 30

87,915 Page Views! and 37,692 Unique Visitors! That’s a huge number to get as new Blogger. Thank you everyone. The sudden spikes you see on the chart are the times when Google decided to show me some LOVE. got featured more than 4 times on Google Chrome for Android / Mobile, which drove insane traffic into the blog. Like, around 8,000 views a day. I know that I got too lucky this month, which is why I am not expecting the same for the next month. Of the 87k views, around 5k of them were organic, which is still awesome. Here are other stats.

Total Posts: 24 Long-Form Articles
Facebook followers: 750+
Twitter followers: 120+
Email Subscribers: 350+

Here is the interesting part. Income / Expense
Income : 120 USD
Expense : 65 USD (for Divi Theme Builder and other Essentials)

For the next month, July 2020, I am looking for at least 30-40k Page Views with no much expectations on the income. Generating Income via the blog is something that I would put away for now. More Concentration on the content. I hope to deliver at least 15 More Articles for the next month. I am writing such reports also to inspire other developers who are planning to start a blog. How about a detailed tutorial on How to start a programming blog? Let me know in the comments section. Thanks!

July 2020

Second Month of Blogging and I guess the traffic it is quite stable now. With an average of 1500 views a day, I managed to hit 63,000 Pageviews in the month of July,2020. The graph keeps going positive.

I have been concentrating lately on SEO, so that the blog appears higher on Google Searches. The results are pretty amazing as well. Almost 12,000 users landed to the blog directly from Google, which is awesome for now.

july 2020

We have reached 1200 followers of Facebook as well, which I find is the best source of traffic / feedback for the blog. The Mailing list continues to grow with around 600 subscribers now.

However I was not able to hit the monthyl Article target which I set to 15+ last month. For the month of July, I posted just around 9 Articles 🙁 . This is mostly due to the fact that I am working on 3 Side Projects.
1. COVID19 Tracker – Source Code & Video Preview
2. AdminLTE Starter Kit for ASP.NET Core – Read more here
3. Clean Architecture for ASP.NET Core WebAPI – Read more here

The AdminLTE Starter Kit was posted to Visual Studio Marketplace so that my readers could install the template right from their IDE ( This is my first ever upload to Visual Studio Market Place! It has around 120 installs, which is pretty amazing <3 Do check it out!

Clean Architecture for ASP.NET Core WebAPI is like my dream Project that is intended to help other developers learn better ways to structure a solution and also give me a platform to assess and improve my code. It was uploaded to Github as an Open Source Project with MIT License. The Feedback has been great, with over 200 Stars, 235 Clones <3, 26 Forks, 20,500 Views on the Repository. The Project is still in the Preview Phase and not yet available in the Marketplace. August 2020, will be the month where I have to invest quite a lot of time on this!

Income & Expenses
Income – 80 USD (from donations (Thanks!) and a small side-project (1 hour work) )
Expenses – 5 USD (misc.)

As mentioned earlier, for the month of August, 2020, I will be concentrating on finishing off the documentations for the Clean Architecture API Project, and maybe 8 Articles. I am also thinking of building a solution Template for Clean Architecture – ASP.NET Core MVC (with dedicated APIs as well). Any suggestions regarding this? Thanks!

August 2019

Pretty Stable month with over 2,000 average page-views a day. We managed to maintain a 60,000+ monthly page views by the end of August 2019. Here are the stats.


The best part is that Organic Search contributes to about 46% of my total traffic, which is awesome! Got about 26,000 Visitors directly from Google via Search which is very ideal and promising to see. The long term goal is to keep the Organic Traffic flow up and rising, which will essentially put more eyeballs to the blog. Awesome content is the only way to go!

From the content point of view, just 9 articles were published. Most of my time went into the ASP.NET Core WebAPI Boilerplace Template with Clean Architecture, which ultimately got some good feedback and about 650+ Active Installs on Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace. The documentation is still pending though!

Otherwise, I also managed to start montezing my Blog a bit with Display Ads via Ezoic. Their service was started by mid of August after which I started generating a bit of income. So, Ezoic is an AI based ad-delivery company that can optimize ad placments in your blogs. They require atleast 10,000 vistors a month on your blog. So I got along with them within a day or so. They seem pretty cool till now. The Ads have not created any issues to the UI / UX as far as my knowledge. Yes, the count of ads can be a more, as they claimed that their AI needs to test with various ads and placements to find the optimal combination. More details soon.

Income and Expense
Ezoic helped a bit there.
Income – (110$ + 55$) = 165 USD, which is not much, but more than enough to cover the costs of the blog and pay myself with some treats 😀 I should probably set the Income target to about 500 or even 1000 USD a month which actually seems do-able with time. If any of you guys interested to know how to setup a programming blog and start making money from it, let me know in the comments section. I could probably write a detailed article on it.
Expense – 15 USD (Hosting)

As for the next month, (September 2019) I will be working on another Open Source Boiler Plate Template for ASP.NET Core 3.1, which I belive should help developers save a couple of days of coding. It would be SBAdmin + ASP.NET Core 3.1 + EFCORE + Razor + SelfHOsted WebAPI + Complete User Management + Roles + Fluid Responsive UI + Hangfire and more. Here is the Github Repo – Hopefully would be able to release a completed version by the end of the month. In terms of content , I am looking to post atleast 8 Articles for the month to maintain the traction to the blog.


  1. Arjunan

    Mukesh you deserve this for all your hardwork. Your blog posts are unique and helps many people. What’s your advice for new bloggers? You’re not posting any ads then how you’re getting income? 😜

    • Mukesh Murugan

      Hi Arjunan, Thanks!
      My only advice is to be consistent :p
      I think advertisement will distract/annoy the readers. I would not be posting ads for quite a long time i guess. Major part of the income was from writing a sponsored article for a company. I also got a few bucks from the visitors as support 😀

      • Arjunan

        Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. Ad

    Your Blogs / tutorials are very helpfull !
    I just started my journey on the core path. from classic asp > webforms > mvc > to .net core and must really compliment you with your clear guidance and source codes.
    Thank your very much and keep up the good work!
    Gr. Ad

    • Mukesh Murugan

      Thanks a lot for your feedback and support. Happy Coding on Core 😉

  3. Mahmoud

    I’d like to thank you for your effort which helps me a lot also I have a question for you where did you find your code which used in articles, like book or Doc side by side with your experience?

    • Mukesh Murugan

      Hi Mahmoud! Hope you are fine. I would say that it is partly my experience, my learning path, documentations from various 3rd party vendors / libraries and so on. I usually write the article side-by-side along with developing the solution. So, a lot of research goes into this as well.


  4. David Harris

    You are producing very quality content in this space, so you deserve a lot of success! There’s not a lot of good resources about the most recent versions of MS technologies, so I’m glad google lead me your direction. I will say some strategic ad partnerships would likely not annoy people. Maybe not AdSense since it’s so broad, but perhaps some actual brand placement for tools or controls companies you feel comfortable promoting?

    • Mukesh Murugan

      Hi David, Thanks for the feedback. Yes I am opting out of Adsense as it annoys me too 😀 And yeah, I will be interested in some brand partnership, maybe later on , when i start getting even more traffic. I have thought about a few products that can help my viewers as well. Any suggestions?

    • Mukesh Murugan

      Hi, Please contact me on LinkedIn



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